David Buzzi (Davide Buzzi) was born on December 31, 1968 in Aquila, a little town in Blenio Valley, Switzerland.
In 1982 he worked as an actor in a film of Nelo Risi. In 1989 he worked as a DJ in a small private radio and began this career as a singer, at first singing in some rock bands and then as singer and songwriter.

In 1991 entered at a competition organized by swiss television TSI with the song “Lettera dal carcere” and arrived in the final and his song was recorded in a CD compilation.

In 1993 he produced his first CD “Da grande”.

In 1994 Swiss Television TSI produced a documentary about Romaneschi (a character who is in one of his songs) and he and this documentary was shown on 14 european channels for the Magazine Alice.

In 1997 he arrived second at the “Festival di Lissone” with the song “Vuross” in dialect and received the special prize for the best text.

In 1998 he recorded his second CD “Il Diavolo Rosso: Romaneschi”. In this CD worked with him some musicians and a finnish rock band: Leningrad Cowboys. The same year he won the “Festival di Lissone” with the song “Ul Veget di Mariunet” and receveid the special prizes for the best text and the best music.In July 1999 he went on tournče in Sweden with the swedish band “Mad Max”.

In october 2000 he went to Italy to receive special prize “Premio San Bonifacio 2000”. In May 2003 in Sanremo he received the prestigious prize international “Myrta Gabardi” in the section Talenti e Voci internazionali.

Actually David Buzzi are working at their new album that will be in the shops at the end of 2005.




1993 – Da grande

1998 – Il Diavolo Rosso

2004 – Ed io correvo

David Buzzi