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Maintenance of the Quad summer 2003, click on the picture to enlarge.






Antenna height (boom): 27 meters (89’) above the ground.

Covered band:

40 meters, 2 elements, gain 5,6 dbd, F/B 32 db @  7.050 Mhz.

20 meters, 4 elements, gain 7,8 dbd, F/B 27 db @ 14.200 Mhz

15 meters, 4 elements, gain 8,2 dbd, F/B 26 db @ 21.250 Mhz.

10 meters, 4 elements, gain 8,6 dbd, F/B 22 db @ 28.400 Mhz.

Note: the gain (dbd) is releded to a dipole antenna on the same hight.

Feedlines: direct 50 ohm coax cable on 20 and 15 meters. Matching with quarter wave (electrical length) 75 ohm on 40 and 10 meters. On each feed point I’m using a ferrite core balun.

Note: the PKW Antenna sell this antenna with 4 gamma match feed system, 2 coax.

Boom lengh: 12 meters (39’) including extentions for the rope support.

Weight: 150 Kg (the antenna only) (330 Lb). Quad, mast, rotator and “tower-cage” 280 Kg (610 Lb).

For more infos about the antenna see: PKW Antenna

The Tower characteristics:

Hight: 15 meters (49’). Side: 50 cm (20”).

For more tower details see: Hummel-Al Tower

For more information about many types of quads antennas projects and others antennas models see the W4RNL web side: Antenna, Service and Education

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