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"...this excellent CD has charmed me."
Denis Poole
Smooth Jazz Therapy

"...a thoroughly amazing album"
David Snashfold
Smooth Jazz Appreciation Society

Take a sip, and marvel at the texture."
Ronald Jackson
The Smooth Jazz Ride

"Excepcional! y brillante..."
Pedro Carretero
Follow Me 87.6 FM

" enjoyable collection of the best
of the Latin Jazz music flavor."

Mike Springer
WKDM Jazz Detroit Radio

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  "Mignola's guitar voice is smooth and full of talent." Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez - Jazzreview - USA                   "'ll be completely swept away with Fabio's mastery of the guitar." David Williams - Echo Smooth Jazz - UK                   "His instrument conveys the smallest nuances of the artist’s emotions." Serge Kozlovsky - Belarus                   "Smooth Jazz with that refreshingly serious approach to excellence and clear definition." Ronald Jackson - The Smooth Jazz Ride - USA                   "Fabio Mignola is undoubtly one of the new promises Europe will offer to the Smooth Jazz world." Charlie Trece - Radio Trece - USA                   "...podemos afirmar con rotundidad que Fabio Mignola tiene un excelente futuro musical esperándole." No Solo Smooth Jazz - Spain                   "...Fabio Mignola has a style and a skill that should be of equal appeal on both sides of the Atlantic." Denis Poole - Smooth Jazz Therapy - UK




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