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Take Me Higher
Bonmusic (2008)

take me higher


"Take Me Higher" reached # 1
in August 2009 on WCJZ
and in November 2009
on Whitester Radio Smooth Jazz.

Also reached # 6
on Rocco's Musica!
in October 2008
and # 2 on Real Talk Radio in 2013

*   *   *   *   *

"Groovy Nights" reached # 2
and "O seu sorriso" # 3
on WCJZ in August/September 2008


1. Take Me Higher (Mignola F.) 4:25

2. O seu sorriso (Mignola F.) 4:27

3. Sparklin' (Mignola F.) 4:53

4. The Light in Your Eyes (Mignola F.) 4:47

5. Flamingos Flyin' (Mignola F.) 5:13

6. Night Flight to L.A. (Mignola F.) 4:59

7. The Light Touch (Mignola F.) 4:44

8. Groovy Nights (Mignola F.) 4:45

9. Scirocco (Mignola F.) 5:13

10. Candlelight Serenade (Mignola F.) 4:44

11. Midsummer's Night Breeze (Mignola F.) 4:33


Nominated "Artist of the Month"on
Smooth Groove Phoenix
for  December 2008 and on
Smooth Jazz Beach Radio
for February 2009

*   *   *   *   *

"Featured Artist"on
JazzNet247 for January 2009

*   *   *   *   *

"Sparklin'" reached # 1
on Whitester Radio Smooth Jazz
  in July 2008



"Listening with a critical ear, this is a GREAT SMOOTH JAZZ CD from start to finish."
David White - Whitester Radio - Smooth Jazz - USA

"Pleasantly refreshing it's the most appropiate definition to Fabio Mignola's new album "Take Me Higher".
 This talented guitarist out of Switzerland proves he's ready for major league with this new work…
 Overall this album is a consistent parade of talent and professionalism and Fabio Mignola is undoubtly one of the new promises Europe
 will offer to the smooth jazz world. Take the time to check out this cd, it will not only "take you higher", it will make you feel pleasantly refreshed."
 Charlie Trece - Radio Trece - USA - full version here

"With a bright Mediterranean flair and Brazilian moves intermingled with some truly fine smooth highlights, guitarist/composer Fabio Mignola
 oftentimes reminds one of the illustrious Marc Antoine, but with a vision all his own.
 He has been the recipient of Smooth Jazz Artist of the Month awards by a few radio stations. If this latest project, Take Me Higher, is any indicator,
 you can clearly, see that those awards were truly deserved.
 On this album, there may be nothing groundbreaking in terms of novelty, but it certainly has an abundance of taste and quality.
 The guitar melodies sing sweetly throughout, and the rhythms are undeniably contagious and full of body…
 This is truly a venture well undertaken and quite deserving. Smooth jazz with that refreshingly serious approach to excellence and clear definition."
 Ronald Jackson - full version at The Smooth Jazz Ride

"It is something of a showcase for Mignola’s wide raging musical talents who, as well as delivering eleven self penned tracks,
 also engineers and produces throughout.
 The beauty of ‘Take Me Higher’ is in its consummate accessibility and this is well demonstrated with the opening (title) cut.
 This zesty, sunshine filled tune benefits from a delicious injection of horns while equally pleasing is the gently melodic ‘Flamingos Flyin’.
 It proves to be a textbook example of great smooth jazz and this is also the case with the Peter White like ‘Groovy Nights’ that has a ‘radio ready’ feel
 good vibe to die for…
 Despite the sometime flavour of west coast smooth jazz Mignola still finds the time and space to tap into his European roots…
 Leaving aside all the complications that being a European based contemporary jazz artist brings, Fabio Mignola has a style and a skill
 that should be of equal appeal on both sides of the Atlantic."
 Denis Poole -
full version at Smooth Jazz Therapy - UK

"Lo primero que tenemos que destacar de este joven guitarrista es que a pesar de su juventud es ya un excelente músico…
  Take Me Higher presenta un total de 11 composiciones que sorprenden por su frescura y armonía y que no van a dejar indiferente al oyente,
 que llegará incluso a creer que está escuchando al mismísimo Marc Antoine.
 Después de escuchar en su totalidad “Take Me Higher” podemos afirmar con rotundidad que Fabio Mignola tiene
 un excelente futuro musical esperándole.
 full version at No Solo Smooth Jazz - Spain

"A Swiss guitarist with Italian heritage that sounds promising…
 Take Me Higher is the title of the first track and program of this uplifting album. Brightening your mood is Fabio's impetus and task…
 Fabio Mignola presents with Take Me Higher the Italian amalgam of romantic sensibility."
 Hans-Bernd Hülsmann -
full version at Smooth & Soul - Germany

"Now his new smooth jazz album is here, and it is one that can count. You can immerse yourself in eleven original compositions,
 which bring you in a Mediterranean climate, with influences from Brazil, the Caribbean and from funk.
 The music sounds fresh and aroused and lets the brio of Fabio well ring through...
 Nicely and professionally sounding music, which will put you dreaming this way, too!"
 Patrick Van de Wiele

"Fabio Mignola is a truly versatile guitarist. His instrument conveys the smallest nuances of the artist’s emotions.
 Fabio Mignola delights by his virtuoso style of guitar playing. One can compare his “Take Me Higher” album with the works
 of the famous Acoustic Alchemy. But this album is individual in the right way and the artist’s performing is very expressive.
 One might want to mention the rich and refined sound of “Take Me Higher”. It is perfect from the first note to the last seconds.
 It undoubtedly will bring the listeners about an hour of pure enjoyment and relaxation.
 What one can say else? “Take Me Higher” is a bright work of a talented guitarist. We must remember his name and wait
 for the new releases of Fabio Mignola who is actually a rising star on the contemporary instrumental and smooth jazz music scene."
 Serge Kozlovsky -

"Fabio, congratulations on a sunning Smooth Jazz album, "Take Me Higher".
 Love the musical trip you take us from Brazill to Italy and then add a touch of Carribean and a pinch of Funk.
 Mix gently and you have a travelogue of Jazz covering places and styles.
 A cd to enjoy that is uplifting filled with great compositions and your very own virtuoso guitar playing.
 Play it often and enjoy a new discovery every time.  Congratulations on a wonderful cd."
 Peter Merrett - Music Manager for PBS 106-7 FM - Melbourne, Australia

"L'elegante lounge music del chitarrista Fabio Mignola…un jazz leggero con arrangiamenti orchestrali che sfociano in un sound
 elegante, melodico, ulteriormente valorizzato dal suo tocco vellutato alla chitarra.
 Musica senza tempo e senza età, ideale quale piacevole sottofondo ma che anche a un ascolto più attento riserva piacevoli sorprese."
 Sandro Neri - EXTRA - Switzerland

"Una chitarra briosa in eleganti stile jazzy - In questo disco Mignola propone undici sue nuove composizioni permeate da un elegante
 stile jazzy ma che rivelano pure influenze musicali brasiliane, caraibiche e funky.
 Brani quale "The Light in Your Eyes", ricordano gli arrangiamenti orchestrali à la Jobim, mentre la sezione fiati in "Take Me Higher"
 ci riporta agli Earth Wind and Fire.
 Il tutto valorizzato da un vellutato ed allo stesso tempo brioso tocco chitarristico, che consente all' eclettico musicista di esprimere
 con il suo strumento e le sue timbriche le più sottili emozioni.
Raffinata e ricercata pure la realizzazione tecnica, pervasa da una sonorità equilibrata."
 Giornale del Popolo -

"Le suadenti sonorità di Fabio Mignola - Il sound è avvolgente, suadente e solare come nelle reminescenze brasiliane di "O seu sorriso"
 o più malinconico come "Candlelight Serenade", ma sempre pervaso da una rilassante atmosfera "lounge"…
 Chitarrista eclettico. Mignola oltre che dal repertorio classico è stato ispirato dalle coloriture del Jazz, dimostrandosi capace
 di amalgamare nel suo stile diverse suggestioni, accomunandole con l'eleganza del tocco."
Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland

"Musica molto gradevole e suonata col cuore, finalmente qualcuno che rilancia il vero suono pulito della chitarra classica!"
 Giovanni Monteforte - Jazz Guitarist - Italy

"I just checked out the songs you attached, and I am really impressed. You have a great sound!
 Thanks so much for letting me hear, and the very best to you with your music."
 Dan Denley- - Memphis, TN, USA

"Awesome cd / One of the best cds of 2008" (5 stars) - George (USA) on CDBaby

"Great music my friend, your guitar is very nice---such a clear, natural tone. Very cool...." - Jason Parra - Los Angeles, CA, USA

"I had the privilege of listening to your song Take Me Higher. I must say it is a first class song all the way." - Bill Wren - Valley Mills, TX, USA

"Take me higher is absolutely wonderful! Makes me want to dance, and dance, and dance... Look forward to listening in to more.."
 Cynthia - CA, USA

"Take me higher makes my day! great song Fabio!" - Borja Robles - Málaga, ES


Take Me Higher:

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WITD - Jersey City, NJ, USA

Cruisenjazz/WPMJ - Brooklyn, NY, USA

The Blue Train - Toronto, ON, Canada

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Fusion 101 - Frederick, MD, USA

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Radio Caprice Smooth Jazz + Russia

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WRTZ - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mrmondaynight Radio - Norwood, MA, USA

Hot Live Radio - Georgetown, FL,  USA

Happyday Newage Radio - Gonju, South Korea

Bio Family Radio - Yuma, AZ, USA

ICCI FM101 - George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

87.7 Safair Prime
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The Sattler Files - Perth, WA, Australia - South Carolina, USA

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WJMX-DB Smooth Jazz Boston Global Radio - Boston, MA, USA

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Whitester Radio - Omaha, NE, USA

WCJZ - Seminole, FL, USA

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