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Turn to Your Soul

turn to your soul

songs downloads (ukrainian version)
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1. Night Flight To Athens 
(Martynova E. - Mignola F.) 3:52
2. Magic Nights
  (Martynova E. - Mignola F.) 4:31
3. I Know The Secret
  (Martynova E. - arr. Mignola F.) 3:03
4. Senseless Promises
  (Martynova E. - Mignola F.) 4:04
5. Holiday Forever
  (Martynova E. - arr. Mignola F.) 3:06
6. A City Calls To Love
  (Martynova E. - arr. Mignola F.) 4:47
7. Turn To Your Soul
  (Martynova E. - arr. Mignola F.) 3:18
8. Feeling Of Love
  (Martynova E. - arr. Mignola F.) 4:04
9. Flamingo - Colourful Dream
  (Martynova E. - Mignola F.) 4:21
10. Ray Of Spring
  (Martynova E. - arr. Mignola F.)



"From Kyiv to San Francisco" may well be the subtitle for this album featuring Ukrainian Elena Martynova as lead vocalist.

Produced by Swiss Smooth Jazz guitarist Fabio Mignola, it also casts the appearance
of German based Konstantin Klashtorni (Kool&Klean, Groove Jazz N Chill)
and US Rock Hendricks (Diana Ross, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Michael Bublé, Paul Hardcastle),
both on the saxophone.

Completely realized online without the musicians ever meeting, it contains two-hand compositions
by Martynova and Mignola, who also took care of the mixing and mastering in his own studio.

The music style ranges from acid jazz to bossa nova in a variety of musical colours and tones
which will entrance the listeners with Elena's smooth vocals and dreamy lyrics.

*   *   *


ELENA MARTYNOVA (Vocals, Music # 3/5/6/7/8/10 All Lyrics)
FABIO MIGNOLA (Music # 1/2/4/9 Guitars, Keyboards Programming, Engineering & Production)
MARIA KONTAXIS (Editing of the English Lyrics)
KONSTANTIN KLASHTORNI (Solo Saxophone # 6/7)
ROCK HENDRICKS (Solo Saxophone # 8)

*   *   *


Un moment de détente fabuleux, glissant entre des rythmes de salsa, de smooth jazz et d'inspiration disco!!!
Vous vous laissez porter par ces musiques au dela de la barrière de langue  Elena a une voix magique qui vous enchante, elle virevolte entre l'anglais, le russe et l'ukrainien avec une grande virtuosité. La musique va de concert avec la voix, comme un joli pas de deux !!!
Merci Elena pour ce magnifique album, dont je ne me lasse pas, et qui me laisse toujours un sourire sur le visage, et de la chaleur dans le coeur !!!

A fabulous relaxing time, gliding between the rhythms of salsa, smooth jazz and disco-inspired!
You let yourself be carried away by the music beyond the language barrier  Elena has a magical voice that enchants you, she flits between English, Russian and Ukrainian with great virtuosity. The music goes with the voice, like a beautiful "pas de deux"!
Elena thank you for this wonderful album, which I never get tired, and that always leaves me a smile on his face, and warmth in the heart !

Lawrence Beau - France

New CD and new masterpiece, the artist who over the years has managed to impose his talent in world music scene, this CD is the confirmation of his great talent accompanied by a great female voice called Elena Martynova. Smooth Jazz Radio Channel

TURN TO YOUR SOUL is the new album of Elena Martynova, a singer who is native from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.
In cooperation with Fabio Mignola, a Swiss contemporary Jazz guitar player who also acted as an engineer and producer, Elena released a compilation of her musical work
comprising a sum total of 10 songs with a diversity of rhythm-driven styles ranging from acid Jazz to the Brazilian musical genre of Bossa Nova.
She is a very gifted and multidimensional performer whose artistry and creativity are crystalized in this album featuring her distinctive vocal and song writing skills.
The musical material of Elena Martynova is very unique. We encourage the pursuers of distinguishing musical talent to explore this prolific artist and to be attentive
to her upcoming work in the future.
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