Illustrated Glossary of Media, Printing and Advertising Terms

German, English, Italian and French with definitions
by Tanya Harvey Ciampi

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Anzeige advertisement annuncio annonce  
Anzeigenpreise advertising rates

advertisement rates

tariffe pubblicitarie    
1/1 Seite full page pagina intera pleine page full_page.jpg (2021 bytes)

full page, bleed

full_page_2.jpg (1265 bytes)

full page, type area


2 x 1/1 Seite Panorama

double page spread


pagina doppia double page double_page_spread.jpg (2112 bytes)

double_page_spread_2.jpg (2355 bytes)

e.g. DPS trimmed, bleed, untrimmed

angeschnittene Anzeige bleed advertisement avviso al vivo annonce à fond perdu  
Doppelseite angeschnitten double page full bleed pagina doppia al vivo double page à fond perdu double_page_spread.jpg (2112 bytes)
Doppelseite Satzspiegel double page non-bleed pagina doppia in gabbia double page, format utile double_page_spread_2.jpg (2355 bytes)
Doppelseite über Bund double page spread across gutter

double page spread, gutter bleed

    double_page_spread.jpg (2112 bytes)

double_page_spread_2.jpg (2355 bytes)

  double page spread, bleed     double_page_spread.jpg (2112 bytes)
  gutter bleed     Printing and/or color that runs off the page toward the binding. Elimination of white border.
2 x 1/2 Seite Panorama ??     half_dps_2a.jpg (3336 bytes)
1. Umschlagseite


front cover 1a di copertina

I pagina di copertina

prima pagina di copertina

le de couverture  
2. Umschlagseite inside front cover


2a di copertina

II pagina di copertina

seconda pagina di copertina

2. ème de couverture  
3. Umschlagseite inside back cover 3a di copertina

III pagina di copertina

terza pagina di copertina

3. ème de couverture  
4. Umschlagseite

vierte Umschlagseite

outside back cover


4a di copertina

IV pagina di copertina

quarta pagina di copertina

4. ème de couverture  
1. rechte Anzeigenseite 1st right-hand page      
1/2 Seite quer half page horizontal

half page across

1/2 pagina orizzontale   half_page_hor.jpg (1685 bytes)

half_page_hor_2.jpg (1362 bytes)

1/2 Seite hoch half page vertical

half page upright

1/2 pagina verticale   half_page_ver.jpg (1368 bytes)

half_page_ver_2.jpg (1410 bytes)

1/3 Seite quer third page horizontal

third page across

1/3 pagina orizzontale   third_page_hor_2a.jpg (2053 bytes)
1/3 Seite hoch third page vertical

third page upright

1/3 pagina verticale   third_page_ver_2a.jpg (1984 bytes)
1/4 Seite hoch quarter page vertical

quarter page upright

1/4 pagina verticale    
1/4 Seite hoch quarter page portrait 1/4 pagina verticale   quarter_page_port_2a.jpg (1912 bytes)
1/4 Seite quer quarter page horizontal

quarter page across


1/4 pagina orizzontale   quarter_page_hor_2a.jpg (1825 bytes)

or horizontal portrait shape

  quarter page strip     quarter_page_hor_2a.jpg (1825 bytes)
1/8 Seite eighth page 1/8 pagina    
1/8 Seite quer eighth  page horizontal

eighth  page across

1/8 pagina orizzontale   eighth_page_hor_2a.jpg (1602 bytes)
1/8 Seite hoch eighth  page vertical

eighth  page upright

1/8 pagina verticale   eighth_page_ver_2a.jpg (1731 bytes)
2/3 Seite hoch two thirds page vertical???

two thirds page upright???

2/3 pagina verticale   two_thirds_ver_2a.jpg (2847 bytes)
2/3 Seite quer two thirds page horizontal???

two thirds page across???

2/3 pagina orizzontale   two_thirds_hor_2a.jpg (2345 bytes)
Fussanzeige quer horizontal footer??     footer_hor_2a.jpg (1706 bytes)
Verbreitung (z. B. 30'000 Exemplare)

Verbreitete Auflage

circulation (e.g. 30,000 copies) diffusione    
Auflage print run     The total number of copies printed for a particular issue. Includes circulation copies, promotional copies, sample copies, show copies, complimentary copies, file copies, checking copies, etc.
Exemplare copies      
1000-Leserpreis costs per 1000 readers costi per 1000 lettori coûts par 1000 lecteurs The cost of reaching 1000 readers (total cost of advertising - e.g. in a magazine divided by no. of copies printed, multiplied by 1000)
Satzspiegel (im -)


type area (e.g. 227 x 182 mm) spazio utile format utile  



trimmed page size

trim (e.g. 280 x 210 mm)

bleed size

  plein papier  
Anschnitt inkl. Beschnittzugabe

im Anschnitt

bleed (e.g. 290 x 220 mm)      
Format angeschnitten


bleed format


    Printing and/or color that runs off the outside, top, or bottom of a page. Elimination of white border.
?? trimmed page size      



zuzüglich 3 mm Beschnitt rechts und unten

Beschnittzugabe an allen Außenkanten 3 mm, Kopfbeschnitt 4 mm

for bleed add x cm


for bleed add 4 mm top, 4 mm bottom

add 3 mm at all outer edges for bleed advertisements

plus 3 mm trim at right and bottom

calcolare x cm


devono essere calcolati 3 mm per lato per il refilo, rifilatura in testa 4 mm

ajouter x mm de rogne en plus


ajouter 3 mm de rogne en plus pour les bords extérieurs, 4 mm en haut

Kopfbeschnitt head trim rifilatura in testa rogne pour le bord en haut  
Beschnitt enthalten including trim      
+3 mm Beschnitt auf allen Seiten +3 mm trim on all sides (of the page) 3 mm in eccedenza per rifilo su tutti i lati    
Euroskala Euroscale (4 coulours, 4c)      
4c 4c

4 coulour

Flyer flyer      
Plazierung position





special position

preferred position

premium position

posizione di rigore

spazi pubblicitari privilegiati

emplacement de rigueur Placement of an advertisement in a specific location within an issue. For example: opposite feature article, first page in issue, first spread in issue, center spread, etc. Some advertisers may have to pay an additional charge for a preferred position.
Raster screen   trame An even pattern of small dots that when printed will appear to reduce the intensity of ink, such as making black ink appear gray.
Rasterweite screen ruling   lignage de trame Number of raster points (dots) per unit length, i.e. either per inch or per centimetre. Measured in lines per cm (l/cm) or lines per inch (lpi). A 60 l/cm raster therefore corresponds with 152 lpi.
54er Raster 54 screen

54 l/cm

retino 54 linee   printing mode
60er Raster 60 screen

60 l/cm

retino 60 linee   (printing mode) corresponds to approx. 150 lpi
  l/cm     (screen ruling) Lines per cm
  lpi     (screen ruling) Lines per inch
Rasterpunkt dot   point de trame  

schwarz und weiss


black & white


bianco e nero


noir et blanc

Farbenreihenfolge (z. B. Schwarz, Cyan, Magenta, Gelb) colour sequence (e.g. black, cyan, magenta, yellow)      

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key/Black

  CMYK CMYK identifies the four colors used in traditional printing presses, and stands for, respectively, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black
Farbskala coulour scale   gamme de couleurs  
Farbraum colour spectrum      
Farbwiedergabe color rendering   reproduction des couleurs  
Referenzproof pre-press proof


color key

off-press proof

    Proof made before printing plates are made. It is made by photomechanical or digital means in less time at lower cost than a press proof, which originates from a running press. The purpose of a pre-press proof is to give a good representation of how the final printed creative will appear.
Andruck proof   épreuve Any representation shown to the customer for approval before printing.
Umschlag cover   couverture  
2-spaltig two-column      
Gestaltung der Anzeige designing the advertisement   création de l'annonce  
Mengenstaffel volume discount sconto quantità remise de quantité  
Malstaffel Frequenz series discount sconto frequenza remise de fidelité  
Tausendpreis cost per thousand costo per mille coûts au mille  


bound insert inserto cucito encart broché

encart braché

Beilage insert inserto encart Multiple pages of advertising, either separately printed by the publication or supplied by the advertiser, ready to bind
Beilage loose insert


inserto sciolto encart jeté

encart Iibre

Multiple pages of advertising separately printed by the publication. E.g. flyers.
Beikleber stick-on inserto incollato carte collée  
2-seitig 2-page      
beschneiden to trim   massicoter


Beschnitt im Bund gutter trim (e.g. 2 mm -)      
Beschnitt am Kopf trim at the top (of the page)      
Bund gutter margine di cucitura gouttière The portion of a page nearest the fold.
Muster specimen      
Fremdbeilage supplement      
Höchstformat maximum format      
Kleinfalzen folding (to obtain smaller formats)      
Datenträger disks     for transmission of data
Ausgabe publication date      
Schlusstermin für Anzeigen closing date for orders      
Anzeigenauftrag advertising order      
Anzeigenbuchung booking of space acquisto spazi achat d`espace  
Placierungsbestätigung placement confirmation      
Insertion insertion inserzione    
Insertionsauftrag insertion order


    A written document, signed by an authorized person, requesting advertising to be provided according to specified terms.
Insertionsjahr insertion year      


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