Strange behavior or normal?
Verified on two FT2000 and before the fw v1.37 didn't do it!

1. Turn on FT2000
2. Main VFO A setting to RX and TX to USB
3. CLICK to RED TX on Sub VFO B
4. CLICK B on MODE key for mods SUB VFO B
5. SELECT the MODE desired for SUB VFO B TX (exemple FM)

6. the B blinking for to mods on SUB B only
-> the RX MAIN change MODE (FM in this demo) on the same as TX MODE selected!
-> to touch the VFO or CLAR or pressing TX and the MAIN RX returns as primary USB!

Same with other MODE selected on SUB TX.

Profit to know the TX MODE the Sub VFO B but not documented or described in the readme!

Very strange or normal from the v1.37 or as always fw changes not described?



BUG CORRECT from the v1.38!

-> Corrected a “bug” of version 0137. In split frequency operation, which caused incorrect mode change between the sub VFO-B and the main VFO-A on RX


Thanks YAESU