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Again on last FW 1.56 - EDSP 11:54 fw update


Check info on the official Yaesu/vertex history menu pt.[09]








the FT2000 reference MENU NUMBER is changed from the version FT2000 PEP (>1.41/11.20).

Unfortunately the enginner instead of simply inserting the new Extra Commands Menu at the end of list, have been inserted in mean creating a notable and serious confusion also creating a lot of not functionality of the whole CAT softwares that had the management of these MENU commands (also in their PCC2000 YAESU.


Tell us at our address, faults and virtues of this great radio.

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Even though FT2000 is always a good transceiver but:


YAESU - FT2000


    BUGs that is still reported active!
    Partially resolved but still to verify or suggestion for new release!
    Solved problem - corrected bug - Suggestion added  ->  THANKS! <-






BUGs that is still reported active!

  In different FT2000 it is noticed he tilting of the S-METER 9+40/60, in the last fw has not been improved yet? (Please: Don't tell that is inserting the key ATT to avoid this bugs, because can also be avoided it removing the antenna coax...) From first FW release!

WIDTH is almost unusable with CW mode and < 200hz IF. Big DSP TONE same as pitch frequency is created from internal DSP.

Check also the "visibility audio captured" on menu 61-63 with this problem!

From 1.46 it seems changed anything but don't be had official news . The tone seems lower and usable CW WIDTH up to 150Hz
  From the v1.4x, a strange electric noise (noise) is produced manipulating the controls (VRF RTFL...)  of the FT2000 that the NB doesn't see correctly. From 1.4x FW release! 
  In different FT2000 it is noticed this strange  AM POWER output: is decreased at 2/10w without modulation and a speaking quality in any really insufficient way (overmodulated). In fact the power increases from 2 to 50w speaking in AM and with an incomprehensible quality. Very strange that also following the SERVICE MANUAL and moving the POWER AM D29TCA of the HIDDEEN Menu, he doesn't succeed in modifying the power AM that stays on 2-8w/BAND at the maximum power output and not at the regular 35w. From 1.4x FW release! 

The LEVEL METER for COMP is alway to MAX, even if is read 1-100 on the SUBdisplay even if PROC is rotated. From the 1.42 PEP the COMP LEVEL meter it doesn't correctly work and only little and the COMP LEVEL METER (PROC) is visible always at the most!! It is had to use the MIC GAIN to reduce the modulation! The SMETER COMP is alway to full!!


** YAESU NOTE from 1.47/11.53 but not full corrected **

Increase the response of the compression level meter in conjunction with the PROC knob. (Max up to 12dB).


Rotate the [METER] switch to select “COM” (Compression). We recommend setting the PROC level within the 5dB to 10dB range.

Not corrects but inserted the MIC, PWR and PROC numerical level info on VFOB display from v1.43/1145 and on v1.47/11.53 the LEVEL METER COMP display is improved but the PROC absolutely is not usable successfully!!!!
  The FSK tone Monitor (FSK MON LEVEL) have a very low audio, too low! In the preceding release fw/edsp it was taller. If RTTY FSK is used, it is not possible to feel well own issue in the internal MONITOR. improved but you must give the maximum volume

BEACON TIMER PEPmenu Nr.18: the timer work but the described seconds 1-255 they are not respected. The 1" sec according to it starts to the least one with 10" seconds or with casuality timer but not as writed. Unabvailable to use as "DVR CQ/CONTEST/CALL" on SSB or CW. To long as the 2-3" secs normally used!

From PEP FW release! 

DSP CRASH: and RX go to "AF GAIN protection or DSP crash"?

Not really bug but wath is:





5. AGC ON and AUDIO now available! GOTO 1

I never use RX with AGC OFF.

Chek also the yo3gjc video here:


sometimes to do even the AGC function, you must restart the FT2000 

Partially resolved but still to verify or suggestion for new release!


Some improvement for QRN on the NB1/2. Electrical noise, electric motor or QRN it doesn't make a lot of reduction as NB in many other receivers. Sometimes seems that doesn't work!

75% better from 1.38 but without official info and little info from v1.39


From 1.4x/11.50 the DNR it works better also in CW,  without making as CW-NOTCH, however on the voice the DSP doesn't work as before. It seems instead also a DSP in BF on the vocal signals that a IF DSP. Also works now in CW and with APF is superlative!!! But surely a best IF DNR algorithm could be tried also for the voice/RX working on the QRM. It would seem instead also a DSP in BF on the vocal signals that a DSP IF.

  When we can also transmit (TX) the F7-received AUDIO in DVS recording and not only listed on the FT2000 speacker? DVR F7-loop received audio recordet forwardet on transmission no yet available?  

MENU147 to 10w or to 100w the TUNER always uses around 50w for the TUNE (100w for the FT2000D). The menu 147 don't have some effect on the FT2000 tuner power!!!! It is not a BUG but this MENU PEP147 is used express for a PowerAmplifier Like Quadra or similar. It would be interesting however to have the adjustable power on the TUNER without having to act on the level RF PWR.

This could be a suggestion to be able to use it with other device, improving the use of the AT TUNER with low-power output with safety.

  The DNR is still changed in 1.44/11.50!! The DNR alghoritm is still changed from last release and it doesn't absolutely seem improved, is worsened in comparison to before release.  

From 1.44/11.50 with PROC ON, the power output is still decreased, almost -50% in less that without processor (PROC). The PROC quality is now worsened notably and the power output it decreases sensitively. Unfortunately when the PROC is inserted it is noticed to decrease the power modulated very evident. The SPEECH PROCESSOR using any or original microphone (original MH31) also getting a worsening on the power voice and PEP output, don't you have any based simple examples on your processor modulation-algorithm? With the 1.42PEP the PROCESSOR works better but unfortunately it loses in power the whole system of modulation with  power RMS output 30/40w.


For a good modulation in the FT2000 it is had to use a preamplified microphone (I am using a simple MC60). Also with this he doesn't succeed in correctly using the PROC.

With PROC inserted him doesn't succeed in having a good power modulated as with a simple preaplified/compressed MIC. We have verified on the tools that with a corresponding DX, where the modulation and modulated power it makes him feel a lot of main point.

85% OK now from v1.44 EDSP11.50 even if the PROC and the modulation reported to the modulated power, are not at the most still of the performance and perhaps the worse PROC that Yaesu has ever implemented.


Voice PROCESSOR quality corrected but corrected found PROC in 1.42/1139

Retoruned PROC problem Ver.0143/EDSP1145 but only a 65% for the SSB voice modulated REAL POWER OUTPUT with PROC


Smeter power (PO) on FULL KEYDOWN is correct but doesn't correctly read the modulated power of exit +10/20% error as a MT3000 CN101 SX1000 and also on our BIRD. The modulated power it is really different in comparison to external professional Wmeter.

Corrected found in Ver.0140 with larged on full power at 5/ 10% but from v0143/11.45 now incorrect on certain band as +10/20% on the modulated power only as real.
  The FH-2 [<-][->] keys increment the frequency at 100kHz up or down... 100kHz and 3 x click is fast out of any HAM BAND, better is +/- 10KHz for fast QSY and UP/DW 10Khz use for SPLIT or FAST split QRG check.

It is really useless to the all OM to have an UP DW 100Khz but it would be interesting to be able to have to choice 1-10 and also 100KHz for the BCL'er!


Solved problem - corrected bug - Suggestion added  ->  TANKS YAESU/VERTEX! <-

  Immediately after having turned ON the transceiver FT2000, oddly for some second the number of the value PROC or CONTOUR appears in the setting of the values on the place as VFO B new from 1.51!! Corrected without notice!! problem seems solved. I can not make them do the defect

1. Tune to the phone portion of a band. Engage USB or LSB, turn on the keyer
and BK-IN.(MENU #58 CW AUTO -  ON)
2. The radio will transmit when you touch the paddle, as expected.
3. Now turn OFF BK-IN - the radio still transmits.
4. Switch to CW mode. Ensure BK-IN is ON. Radio will transmit, as expected.
5. Then turn off BK-IN - radio does not transmit. You hear the sidetone, but no
transmission is made.
6. Switch back to USB/LSB. Ensure BK-IN is OFF. Radio does NOT transmit, as
expected, turn ON BK-IN and radio does NOT transmit again.
7. Turn on BK-IN - radio transmit. Repeat from #1.

With MENU 58 CW AUTO ON, if you go into the SSB mode and BK-IN was previously CW enabled, all is OK....the rig goes to CW as described in the Manual as soon as you tap the CW key.

If you go into the SSB mode and BK-IN was not previously enabled, CW Auto  ON does not work...the rig does not go into TX CW as described in the Manual.

Then Switch CW, BK-IN ON, retourn SSB and TX CW is now OK!

This resolves him leaving the BK-in ON in CW. But it doesn't resolve that if I use the FH2, this doesn't go in CWkeyer but in PHONEkeyer

Corrected without notice!! problem seems solved. I can not make them do the defect


Consequence of the above "CW AUTO - ON" bug:

1.Go to the phone portion of a band. Engage CW, turn on the keyer
and BK-IN and MENU #58 CW AUTO -  ON
2.Press FH2 keyer# or transceiver F#... TX go to CW
3.Switch to USB/LSB. Press the same key, Radio does NOT transmit CW keyer but PHONE Keyer...

With MENU 58 CW AUTO ON the CW or PHONE keyer it doesn't use the select priority in the MENU 58!

Correctet without notice!

PTT problem with  single PTT modem/device for dual mode AFSK and FSK use on PIN3 at RTTY_DIN4 and PACKET_DIN5!!

We wait new FW with PTT PIN3 on PACKET_DIN5 also for single PTT/MODEM device. #51 (AM), #73 (FM) and #82 (SSB) (old menu) set to "DATA" unfortunately the MIC is not cut (if pressing MOX) and the AUDIO on the microphone line input as local noise. A single PTT DEVICE for AFSK/FSK work only with MENU 146 VOX to DATA,  unavailable system for CRC/ARQ fast AFSK mode. Then is to change on FW for being able to use the dual  PTT with normal and individual single PTT-Device of all the tncs/modem as KAM MFJ PK232 and all other with single PTT.

From first FW release! fixed in later versions, just attacking with both FSK and PTT jack PACKET fro to using AFSK and FSK with PTT pin, now awailable also for AMTOR and FSK without VOX
  The METER ALC on certain BAND doesn't read anything (ex 50MHz/6m) Corrected on 1.47/11.53 
  NEW BUG from 1.47/11.53: When you have turned on CONTOUR or NOTCH and press Split function or TX on VFO-B, CONTOUR and NOTCH (and uTUNE) position indication disapear from display! They still work but is not known if they are power on or out! Corrected on 1.48/11.53

The DNR algorithm is not reset between TX/RX, to eliminate the increased receive noise after a transmission.

Corrected on 1.47/11.53
  Change the VFD indication of MENU #34 TRACKING from "FrE9" to "FrEq" Corrected on 1.47/11.53

From 1.45/11.50: All controls now have need to be rotated quickly to see the representation of numerical value in the 2nd VFO. The correct tuning is had to slowly do it, and on VFO-B is not read anything. Correct the INDICATOR VOX-DELAY.

Corrected on 1.47/11.53

Change the VFD indication of MENU #34 TRACKING from "FrE9" to "FrEq"

Corrected on 1.47/11.53

From 1.46/11.50: The DELAY 20-5000ms work also if the REAR DATA PTT DIN3 is groundet. If you use a DIN  PACKET fro AFSK with PTT on DIN3, the delay 20-5000 is active, and befor switch to RX, during the delay if MONI is ON, a big noise is produced from MIC to SPEAKER.
==> THIS BUG AS RESULT ON A BIG LARSEN (NOISE) on the AUX speaker when it changes PTT to OFF  from PIN3 DIN packet, for the selected delay if the MONI is ON for to check AFSK audio!!!!!!

The data/PTT befor switch OFF during DELAY, it commutes on the frontal MIC audio and open AUDIO to big LARSEN on the MONI ON!!!

Corrected on 1.47/11.53

From 1.45/11.50 volume level problem. In certain FT2000s tell another problem on the audio level also confirmed by Yaesu.

Corrected on 1.46/11.50

From 1.45/11.50 the DISPLAYED RF PWR on VFO B number is not really as on 1.44/11.50 and as a real pwr output

Corrected on 1.46/11.50
  The MIC reading number on SUBdisplay is from 1 to 62/63 not 1-100 as normally From Fw 1.45 EDSP 11.50

-And the CS led? Can she be known when it will work or the KEY has been wrong in the "assemblage chain"...?


idering the reply that the LED seems free and connected, at least to temporarily activate it when he presses CS.

100% corrected now with CAT TRANSFER LED found in Ver.0142/EDSP1129

The clarity in the DNR aggressivity?

90% perhaps only an impression but with the FW 1.33 with the EDSP 10.29  update   the DNR seems improved, very less weapon and finally usable correctly, but since has not been announced, it will be only an impression and therefore  can be improved!

100% resolved on EDSP11.45/fw143


DNR it doesn't do anything with < 700hz IF.. Check also the "visibility audio captured" on menu 61-63 with this problem!


50% corrected found in Ver.0142/EDSP1129

85% corrected from v143/1145 PEP now also for CW mode with also APF/CONTOUR features

  DNF is unusable with < 800hz tones and it doesn't increase very the cut of  troubles with tones also on his range probably  to not kill cw signals but would be very better that work with ALL tones!! 100% corrected found in PEP Ver.0142/EDSP1129

WOW excellent release!


When we can also to read also the real WIDTH IF on the digital number like PITCH on the VFO/SUB B display number?



Added in Ver.0142/EDSP1129 for PITCH SPEED CONTOUR DNF DNR CWDELAY VOXDELAY and add PWR PROC MIC also on 143/1145)

(added WIDTH and SHIFT in Ver.0145/EDSP1150


Strange behavior of the power output TX FM on the TXVFO B.

Happens only if SSB/CW is used in the MAIN VFO A/RX and SUB VFO B/TX in TX FM

100% OK from v1.39 but not explained... on the official release history

And even a simple possibility to verify the fw version on FT2000 menu

100% OK from v1.33 also for FW nr. and EDSP nr.

Hard or soft update information???  

100% from v1.3x but unfortunately some updates infos are not documented on the pdf

if I use the computer keyboard to move freq, the receiver is muted!!!
Please send this info to yaesu to make to correct this BUG!
---cut reply---

FW Ver. 0140
Ver. 0140 implements improvements:
100% corrects a bug  (CAT on RXMAIN VFO-A) found in Ver.0140

On the 1.42 PEP the power modulation is reduced at ~50% as above on the 1.40.  With a tone the 100w is reached while with the voice the reduction is incomprehensible:  verified on the FT2k PO METER, on MT3000 and also BIRD external Wmeter!!!

With all available mode (PROC ON / PROC OFF / MIC GAIN / EXTERNAL PROCESSOR... the power modulation is reduced at 50w RMS!! and before with the 1.40 the Power RMS modulation it always reached 70/90w on all the Wmtr tools)

100% corrects a bug  found in Ver1.43/11.45 with incremental peack effective modulated power

The level of the CONT doesn't have the thrilling effect anymore as in the 1.4x fw.  It is more cleaned but it doesn't have as before an effect for the +0db to +20db.  It would need to understand better the intentions of this change.

Improvered found in Ver1.43/11.45 woth also a fantastik APF modified contour for CW from 1.42/11.39. On the last 143/1145 the contour peack +20 is improved and amplified

From the v1.43/EDSP 11.45, a strange reply at CAT COMMAND CO01 of request contour position reply at 0149 on all position, this command CAT for REQUEST CONTOUR STATUS doesn't work more correctly

100% OK from v1.44 EDSP11.50

From the v1.43/EDSP 11.45, with a exep with for instance RECEIVING during more time (verified a lot of times after a few hours)

the receiver also without any inserted filter, it notably decreases the receiver audio. As if the DNR or DNF or NOTCH

or CONT it always stays active. Only inserting the DNR ON/OFF again it the receipt becomes normal.

As if the calculation of the DSP keeps on also calculating on himself without inserting any filter.

We have verified more times that after 24h the receiver doesn't work more correctly without a manual intervention.

100% OK from v1.44 EDSP11.50

CW DET in NAR mode it always stays power RED on pitch practically with NAR CWdet red led is unusable

OK from v1.49 EDSP11.53

The REC (Record Function) setting will be recalled when the power is turned on if REC was turned on before power was turned off.

OK from v1.49 EDSP11.53
  The CAT MW command is corrected. OK from v1.49 EDSP11.53

In the QMB-MT mode, when the VFO frequency is moved, the memory channel indication is cleared to 0.000.

OK from v1.49 EDSP11.53

The DSP firmware write mode may be accessed by pressing [CONT] + [DNR] while pressing Power On.

OK from v1.49 EDSP11.53

Corrected the RX in CW FULL BKIN 30wpm.

OK from v1.49 EDSP11.53
  Holding of the []F6 or []F7 keys will permit scrolling through the DMU Memory Channel List, when the DMU-2000 is installed. OK from v1.49 EDSP11.53

The FH-2 [UP][DW]keys are made the same function as the MIC-UP/DN keys.

OK from v1.49 EDSP11.53
  Corrected the CW FULL BKIN keying when used with the VL-1000 Quadra Amplifier System. OK from v1.49 EDSP11.53
  CW carrier is corrected to change LSB <=> USB when the indication is changed on VFO B. OK from v1.50 EDSP11.53
  The FH-2 [<-][->] keys are made to increment the frequency at 100kHz up or down. ADD from v1.50 EDSP11.53
  Correct the CW Auto Mode. OK from v1.50 EDSP11.53

DMU Band scope Display Signal Peak Frequency now is centered. 

OK from v1.50 EDSP11.53

YEASU PCC software bug report: the window is not correctly opened and then with use of 2 monitor the "Windows Height and Widht of PCC" is not correctly respected.

Check also the screen capture MENU TIPS nr. 64

OK from PEP release
  Corrected FM TX for a slight frequency offset. OK from v1.50 EDSP11.54

AGC: Corrected the AGC in the “OFF” position; if an AGC MENU SET item was changed, the AGC would sometimes turn “ON”.

OK from v1.51 EDSP11.54
  KEYER: The extraneous “dot” memory is eliminated during rapid keying when the dash output starts. OK from v1.51 EDSP11.54

CAT: Corrected the 1.5 kHz shift when the CAT “FA” command is used to change the frequency on

the 5MHz band.

OK from v1.51 EDSP11.54

SCOPE: The right edge signal position on the display is corrected and the left edge signal is corrected when the frequency is changed on the display.

OK from v1.51 EDSP11.54



We also wait for your comments and your tests to add or delete these informations!


I am a happy consumer of FT2000 and I hope you can improve this good Yaesu transceiver.
Tanks Yaesu/Vertex for all for all the improvements that you will do in expectancy!


But We hope succeeds in correcting these continuous present bugs!