DNR is a complex DIGITAL NOISE REDUCTOR and works

differently than the features on other radios.
After engaging the button, you must turn the knob slowly to allow the

CPU to identify the type of noise and then reduce it.

When you have extremely loud noise, engage the DNR button and turn the inner
knob fully counterclockwise.

Start turning it clockwise slowly until you hear the first "pop", then wait for the

CPU to work on this type of noise.
Slowly turn the know to the right again and listen for the next "pop" and wait
again. Do not turn the knob quickly or you will hear explosions. As you keep
moving the knob slowly, wait for the digital noise reduction feature to identify
the type of noise.
DNR is not a noise elimination feature but rather a digital noise reduction feature.

It identifies the noise and quiets the receiver.

This DNR from V1.38.10:29 works good with >500Hz IF!

For some FT2000 CW'er, then <500Hz IF, the DNR of the FT2000 doesn't have the "quality"

and the functionality it seems that it doesn't work (on the K3 CW audio DSP much better).

You hopes that Yaesu improves the classical DSPtone created by the DSP with

the narrowing of the IF.


Check on next menu the DNR "video capture" test with all FT2000 IFF WIDTH.