NEWS on last FW 1.42 - EDSP 11:29 fw update

- DNF work now fine

- CONT as changed algoritm as 0 to +20 with levelling noise, then on CW mode press and HOLD CONTOUR key for 2sec for to increase the CW PITCH on the correct selected HZ freqeency.

- DNR work now fine also on CW mode

- Add menu 15 as display indicator on the VFO-B display for NOTCH CONTOUR DNR PITCH SPEED VOXDELAY CWDELAY

- Add menu 31 as CS CAT indicator

- Add the CW CONTOUR to press and HOLD for 2 sec. on CW MODE only the CONTOUR key for to CONTOUR CW DEFAULT

- Add the CLEAR key on MENU mode for to return to KEY MENU DEFAULT

And this official features:

FW Ver 1.42
-Add MENU #031 CAT IND. CAT data activity Indicator ENABLE/DISABLE (C/S button LED)

-Add MENU #015 LVL IND. Values are now indicated on the VFD display for


(Press the [ENT] key to set the command to “ON” or “OFF”)

-The AGC HOLD TIME default values are changed.

-Corrected a bug during TX; now the MIC-EQ is updated by PCC-2000 commands. 

-Changed MENU PRMTRC EQ LEVEL range of values to -20 ~ 0 ~ +10.

-Changed the default values of MENU PRMTRC (LVL)

-Added the CAT Command (CO) for APF, ON

-Improve the ACS operation.

-Changed the VOX DELAY time settings to approximate the “CW Semi-break-in” DELAY setting on the front panel knob.


* After installation of Ver. 0142, you may find that computer operation with PCC-2000 may not be possible for setting

proper MENU items. We will release the updated PCC-2000 software when it becomes available.

* The updated Menu Mode List is available on our web site. Click on the Files tab in the FT-2000

section and the FT-2000/D “PEP2000” Menu Mode List (1/01/09) is located under Software. 

* The updated FT-2000/D Operating Manual will be posted on the website around mid January.


EDSP Ver 11.29

- Implements the FTdx9000 (PEP9000) DSP technology

- DNR… superior SSB mode noise reduction

- DNF…greater reduction of beat tones

- AGC… attack time fine-tuned

- SSB speech processor audio augmented

- Activate RTTY monitor while transmitting

- DELAY characteristic of AGC close to analog AGC

Please read also the BUG REPORT!