NEWS on last EDSP 11:29 fw update

This is official text:

NOTE: If you have EDSP V11.29 in your FT-2000/D we recommend you install new EDSP V11.39.

It has improved RX-TX switching noise and an important engineering change, no operational changes

are included. If you have already installed the Main CPU software Ver. 0142 it is not necessary to

update the CPU again.


CHECK FT2000 with DUMMY LOAD DRAKE DL1000  (1kw)




3 x AUDIO TONE generated on MIC with ~600-1500-2500Hz  



From 1.8MHz to 29Mhz this is the VOICE POWER OUTPUT (USB / LSB) 3x peack as explained above!




It is better of before, now the modulated power reaches now also the ~60w.... :-(

If 70/90w have modulated in 50Mh/6m for which motive doesn't he also succeed in the other bands?

The level of the PROC it doesn't have any functionality on the METER - PROC setup, changes never varying the level COMP.

Let's attend developments to verify the changes Not Explained!


The RX with EDSP 11.39 are now exceptional.

In CW the commands DNF APF CONT DNR WIDHT is improved a lot. Also the modulation of the PROC now allows to use it without problem.

Yaesu congratulations for this PEP good job!!!

We see to put to place the Modulated Voice Power and we will have an exceptional transceiver!!!


The result is well visible here and confirmed from a lot of OMs on the World:

On the 50Mhz/6m Band a strong increase of the modulated power is had!!! GOOD!

On the other whole HF BAND a light increase is had but still to improve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder us if the technicians that have modified ESDP of the FT2000 at least have verified all the results with some beta tester?