The modifications are not verified and full tested, so if you try some of the article on your own equipment, it's on your own risk!!!!


Personally I have used this system to bring the correct power in FM 10m and in CW that on halves the BAND because it was to 50% only 50w.

My FT2000 now has on AllBands and on AllMode full 100w exactly!!!


This is a completely safe procedure and all you need is an outboard accurate watt meter and a dummy load. This is also also explained on the FT2000  Service Manual.

NOTE: the Internal Antenna Tuner must be in the OFF position.

To get into the SERVICE MENU you hold buttons 1, 2 and 3 in while
powering on the FT-2000.


Once you are there you will turn the MAIN VFO to change menus. 

These are to increase OUTPUT.


Turn the Main VFO to d 18AP lh  (this is for 1.8 nHz) You will see 3 sets of numbers.


One is in Green color in the small box  (this is for AM and you turn the
clarifier for this setting).


The next set of 3 numbers to the right of the Menu setting is for CW and SSB and you set this with the SUB VFO knob.


The set of 3 numbers on the far right are for tweaking the PO on the S Meter and this is done with the VRF knob. Seldom will you
have to tweak this.

Here is the sequence when adjusting, as each band has to be adjusted.

Use an EXTERNAL WATT METER to check your output wattage.


For AM, push the AM button in and key the radio and turn the CLARIFIER to set AM at 25 watts. (It will go a lot higher).


Then push the CW button in (this adjusts CW and SSB at the same time).

Turn the SUB VFO to set the Output to 100 watts. Do the same for all of the succeeding Menus (frequencies) up until you reach d 27AP lh (which is 50 mHz).


Make sure you are using your DUMMY LOAD when doing each menu.

Here is the step by step procedure:
d 18AP 1h, in CW mode, key the radio and turn Sub VFO for 100 watts
output on External Watt Meter.
Push AM button in, key the radio and adjust AM to 25 watts on External Watt Meter using the Clarifier.
Turn Main VFO to d 18bP 50. (Do not key the radio).Turn the VRF and tweak the S Meter on the radio to 50 watts (note: the 50 in d 18AP is for 50 watts.
Turn Main VFO to d 18cP 20. (Do not key the radio).

Turn the VRF and tweak the S Meter on the radio to 20 watts.
Turn Main VFO to d 18dP 10. (Do not key the radio). Turn the VRF and tweak the S Meter on the radio to 10 watts.
Turn Main VFO to d 18eP 05. (Do not key the radio). Turn the VRF and
tweak the S Meter on the radio to 5 watts.

Personally I have also retouched and also regulated these options for TX (5-10-20-50) on the bP cP dP and eP menu

Follow the same sequence as above for all of the following:
d 18AP lh (1.8 mHz)
d 19AP lh (3.5 mHz)
d 20AP lh (7 mHz)
d 21AP lh (10 mHz)
d 22AP lh (14 mHz)
d 23AP lh (18 mHz)
d 24AP lh (21 mHz)
d 25AP lh (24 mHz)
d 26AP lh ( 28 mHz)
d 27AP lh ( 50 mHz)

Once you are finished, push the MENU button in until you hear 2 beeps and this locks the changes into the memory. Be very careful when you do this whole procedure.