That's not completly true FT2000 - PTT on

.... :-)))

(HI All...: sorry for the english auto_traslation)

Here all test and PROBLEM with PTT PIN3 on RTTY and PACKET, for to use the normal rear port without keeping on removing the RTTY DIN or PACKET DIN or MIC = like > currently IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

I don't Want to Use The frontal MIC-JACK that is for the Microphone, but the two special DIN with their connections: then mistake me or is another BUG on FT2000 firmware (hard or soft)????

1. On the USER MANUAL and the TECHICAL MANUAL, there and' the error of the YAESU in to correctly bring the PIN connection RTTY and PACKET DIN. That correct is on the "user manual". ( check picture here )

2. REAR PACKET-DIN PIN3 (PTT) switch to TX for AFSK on this mode:

3. REAR RTTY-DIN PIN3 (PTT) switch to TX for FSK on mode FSK perfectly (YES-OK).
But this PTT switch also (like MOX) on USB LSB AM FM PKT with FRONTAL AUDIO IN active without availability to use the REAR PACKET PORT AT PIN1 only frontal MIC-AudioIN (absolutely not profit and we will see the motive)

4. with PIN3-RTTY and PIN3-PACKET in parallel, switch TX on RTTY/FSK mode, but it doesn't work with AM FM USB LSB PKT (for AFSK) because it cuts completely the audio in on the PACKET DIN PIN1/AFSK (like MOX)

->to make AFSK is owed to use a PTT on PACKET_PIN3 MODE SSB/AM/FM/PKT
->to make FSK is owed to use another PTT on RTTY_PIN3
->or to always detach a taking and to use the same PTT (absurd!!!)

Leaving the RTTY + PACKET DIN inserted, I have not found Anybody of it yet!

Double PTT (PTT1 PTT2), double COM, CAT_PTT, etc... but there am problem with the various soft and as my KAM or other ALL MODE TNC having single PTT and not two!!! without PTT hardware switch modification on the TNC/PTT for the 2 PIN3!

To use the two PTT on PACKET-DIN and RTTY-DIN with their use for the FT2000 projected use, needs to modify in other way through next soon Firmware or unfortunately via hardware!

Has not The Yaesu thought to a solution about this eventuality of use?

I hope that at least here is not answer me to put the ATT to remove the JUMP-BUG of the SMETER among 9+40 and 9+60... ;-((


> If Menu items 51 (AM), 73 (FM) and 82 (SSB) are set to "dAtA"
> PTT on the RTTY (DIN 4) jack should "open" the audio path from
> Pin 1 of the PACKET (DIN 5) jack on those modes. It's not that
> the RTTY PTT is not opening the data input, it is that the menu
> system is selecting the microphone input instead of the "Packet"
> input in AM/FM and SSB modes.

tanks for all info and sorry for the english translations... :-)))

The problem is that I don't want to use the frontal MIC or the rear
RCAs for AFSK, and for don't detach the MIC_DIN or MIC_RCA from the
radio if setting to AFSK activity.

I had already tried the menus items 51 (AM), 73 (FM) and 82 (SSB) set
to "DATA" but also so unfortunately the MIC is not cut (as MOX) and
he is open also the AUDIO on the microphone line input with local
noise. I don't know if there is some other menus items that closes
it, but I have not found him and I would not always like to have to
change the menu even if I have some sets in BATCh that goes with an
alone click of the mouse... :-))

Is well explained on the Manual is said that if the PTT is used for
these 2 DINs, it preferable to needs for AFSK on the PACKET DIN_5 the
menu item #146 VOX settings to "DATA": It perfectly works this way if
you use is FSK and AFSK with the PTT on the taking RTTY_DIN4 PIN3.
There are problems with the digital CRC/ARQ activities, that is
slow... but for SSTV PSK FAX and other directly digital modulation is
perfectly... click to VOX_DATA (#146) and go with using 2 rear DIN
(RTTY and PACKET) and PTT on the RTTY_DIN4 PIN3 !

While I wait for the next update firmware not so ridiculous as the
last FW V1.33, even the Yaesu simply puts for this the PTT of the
PACKET_DIN5 that also works if the radio set to RTTY MODE. Even also
leaving equal that of the taking RTTY_DIN4.
This would resolve all the problems and for now I would not see of it
of the others, also because so it is not continually had to change
MENU or to remove DIN.

For now I insert the RTTY_DIN4 when I use FSK, removing that that I
don't use, and I insert the PACKET_DIN5 and I remove the RTTY_DIN4...
with their PTTs to the PIN3, waiting for the new FW!

tanks and 73's
Franco, hb9oab