FT2000 v1.43/11.45

After fifteen days from the version PEP we already have two updatings, the 11.39 and now the version 1.43/11.45

The YAESU is doing better than his, this we believe it.

I have loaded to the flight the two versions FW and EDSP.

Known with pleasure that the modulated power with the voice (USB/LSB) has partially been corrected.

We have made a fast voice/band test. Then the power keydown of modulation now reach a acceptable level.

Sinned that despite this change this known problem of the file PDF of the changes is not Described attached.

[ndr] This is very strange.




Here is the Vertex original history text:


FW V1.43 - EDSP V11.45:

Ver. 0143 MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes previous Ver. 0142 updates):

Added values are now indicated on the VFD display for MIC, PROC and RF PWR. (Press the [ENT]

key to set the command to “Enable” or “Disable” MENU #015 LVL IND).

Changed the position and the set point of the PROC knob. The 10 o’clock setting provides 5 to 10 db

compression. (*It is recommended that you utilize the monitor function and adjust the [PROC] knob

suitable audio, between 9:00 to 12:00 o’clock position).

Ver. 11.45 EDSP implements improvements (also includes previous Ver. 11.39 updates):

The characteristic of the CONT LEVEL is changed.

The characteristic of the MIC and PROC LEVEL is changed.

Detection frequency precision of CW-DET.

*If you already have software Ver. 0143 and 11.45 it is not necessary to update the FT-2000/D again.

* The updated FT-2000/D Operating Manual will be posted on the website around mid February.

* After installation of Ver. 0142 or 143, you may find that computer operation with PCC-2000 may not be

possible for setting proper MENU items. We will release the updated PCC-2000 software when it becomes




There are notable improvements but unfortunately with this version they are still

noticed some worsenings than first it correctly worked:


We have verified these strange behaviors on different FT2000 and not on a single transceiver!

It is very strange that there am this anomalous behavior after every updating and that immediately is corrected.

Is better perhaps that they communicate indeed the done changes and produces an official firmware that works in all of her parts!

The RX is notably improved and on this we have to thank the Yaesu Soft Engineer hoping that the "footsteps back" of every upgrade is equalized soon.




  with the original MC31 is hardly modulated


- CW DET in NAR mode it always stays power RED on pitch practically with NAR CWdet red led is unusable


- The METER ALC on certain BAND doesn't read anything (ex 50MHz/6m)


- The METER PROC is alway to MAX, even if is read 1-100 on the SUBdisplay


- The MIC reading number on SUBdisplay is from 1 to 62/63 not 1-100 as normally


- The PROC quality is now worsened notably and the power output it decreases sensitively


- From the v1.43/EDSP 11.45, a strange reply at CAT COMMAND CO01 of request contour position reply at 0149 on all position, this command CAT for REQUEST CONTOUR STATUS doesn't work more correctly


- From the v1.43/EDSP 11.45, with a exep with for instance RECEIVING during more time or one whole day (>24h) the receiver also without any inserted filter, it notably decreases the receiver audio. As if the DNR or DNF or NOTCH or CONT it always stays active. Only inserting the DNR ON/OFF again it the receipt becomes normal. As if the calculation of the DSP keeps on also calculating on himself without inserting any filter. We have verified more times that after 24h the receiver doesn't work more correctly without a manual intervention.


- The AM POWER output is decreased at 2w without modulation and a speaking quality in any really insufficient way. In fact the power increases from 2 to 50w speaking in AM and with an incomprehensible quality.


 - MENU147 to 10w or to 100w the TUNER always uses around 50w for the TUNE (100w for the FT2000D). The menu 147 don't have some effect on the FT2000 tuner power!!!! It is not a BUG but this MENU147 is used express for a PowerAmplifier Like quadra or similar. It would be interesting however to have the adjustable power on the TUNER without having to act on the level RF PWR.


Once more the updatings they cause incomprehensible behaviors on all models of FT2000 that oddly the YAESU doesn't succeed in finally correcting once and for all correctly with a stable software in all the ways!