FT2000 v1.44/11.50

After fifteen days from the version PEP we already have two updatings, the 1.43/11.45 and now the version 1.44/11.50






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Ver. 0144 MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates):

Corrects the CAT-CO01 command problem found in Ver. 0143.

Ver. 11.50 EDSP implements improvements (also includes all previous updates):

Corrects a low audio problem found in Ver. 11.45.

Corrects the CW-DET indication problem found in Ver. 11.45.

*The updated FT-2000/D Operating Manual will be posted on the website around end of February.

*After installation of Ver. 0142, 0143 or 0144, you may find that computer operation with PCC-2000 may

not be possible for setting proper MENU items. We will release the updated PCC-2000 software when it

becomes available.



- From the 1.42 PEP the PROC LEVEL meter it doesn't correctly work and only little and the PROC LEVEL METER (COMP) is visible always at the most!! It is had to use the MIC GAIN to reduce the modulation! The SMETER COMP is alway to full!!

(Not corrects but inserted the MIC, PWR and PROC numerical level info on VFOB display from v1.43/1145)


- In different FT2000 it is noticed this strange bug: the AM POWER output is decreased at 2w without modulation and a speaking quality in any really insufficient way. In fact the power increases from 2 to 50w speaking in AM and with an incomprehensible quality. Very strange that also following the SERVICE MANUAL and moving the POWER AM D29TCA of the HIDDEEN Menu, he doesn't succeed in modifying the power AM that stays on 2-8w/BAND at the maximum power output and not at the regular 35w.


- The METER ALC on certain BAND doesn't read anything (ex 50MHz/6m)


- The METER PROC is alway to MAX, even if is read 1-100 on the SUBdisplay


- The MIC reading number on SUBdisplay is from 1 to 62/63 not 1-100 as normally


- The DNR is still changed!! The alghoritm of DNR is still changed from last release and it doesn't absolutely seem improved, is worsened in comparison to before release.


- The FSK tone Monitor (MON LEVEL) is very a lot of lower part, against to the tallest volume that did first the tone FSK in Monitor.


- With PROC the power output is still decreased, almost -50% in less that without processor (PROC)




These changes that feel him and they immediately are seen, are not communicated in the updates!


For the rest in the receiving part it now seems correct "almost" everything. Cannot be pretended, but FT2000 is really a great transceiver! The receiving part is really superlative now. The TX still has some problems that technically we will surely know how to give correct information to the YAESUs technical that will allow to also improve these last bugses.