FT2000 v1.56/11.54




FT-2000 and FT-2000D.

The latest versions are listed below with the release dates.

MAIN Software Version 0156 (3/22/12)

EDSP Software Version 11.54 (4/23/10)

Ver. 0156 MAIN CPU implements improvements (also includes all previous updates):

・ The USA 5MHz (60m) channel frequency change US3 (5.368MHz to 5.3585MHz).

・ Permit CW transmission on the USA 5MHz (60m) channels US6 - US0.

・ Changed the MIC-GAIN level indication of AM/FM to the MENU setting value.

・ Disabled the PROC function in AM/FM.

NOTES: After installing main software Ver. 0156;

・ For US1 - US5 channels the USB mode is fixed. For channels US6 - US0 the CW-USB mode is fixed.

・ PKT-PTT transmissions will disconnect the microphone.

・ The TNC (PSK sub carrier) setting must be 1.5 KHz.

Ver. 11.54 EDSP implements improvements (also includes all previous updates):

・ Corrected FM TX for a slight frequency offset.


*Rotate the [METER] switch to select "COM" (Compression). We recommend setting the PROC level within the 5dB to 10dB range.

*When menu settings are saved on the DMU-2000 CF card and transferred to the new version, some previous versions may not transfer correctly. Please check your menu, update the settings, and then save the new settings to the CF card.