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With help of the fire-brigade TH3mk3  10+10el.vhf - 19+19el.uhf with GaasFeet preamplifier SSB SP2+SP70 and switched polarization R/H/V/L home made New Giovannini modified MAST. Particular of the original  assembly support and undercarriage. Modified from 6m+3m to 8+3m resulting 10 meters over the roof. SAT/EME UHF double preamplifier system quantity with 0.3db cavity and 0.4dbNF gaasfeet EME home made 16+18db and COAX rele switch (Same on VHF ant. preamplifier)


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New system satellite for AO13/AO10 adding 2x11+11el 2x19+19el F9FT switched to V/H polarization with HomeMade connection for to switch the V/H/R/L. Adding also 18AV HyGayn 10-80m - GP 144 & 20-1400Mhz ICOM discone

WLOG2000 from 1998 - My personal and HomeMade LogBook resulted from 25 years of radio and personal Ham activity

16Juny - 50Mhz / 6mtr dx's HB9OAB/P 1100mAsl activity, with "Dave" with old old Fiesta and for rx 5el.: big ES ~200QSO on a hour activity... Being had it re-enters from the Passo of the Novena 2450Masl for the 20cm of fresh snow... 16Juny!!!

Installation puts into effect mounted them in forecast EME and SAT activity since 1980 for

OSCAR - AO01... AO10-AO13- RS FO to AO40...[after crash...] with at same mast:

From many years, to put in safety the antenna I have installed a tower very more solid to maintain sure things and people. The installation of the tower (25m over the ground since 1980 !!!) has been very hard, also because I have done alone everything with the help of professionals to lift the pole and to stare at it to the house.We don't speak of costs.... almost prohibitive! But surely has been worth of it!!!!! and the new antenna is about to arrive!

- Uhf 4x20el HomeModified/coupled H + 2 x GaasFeet cavity/preamplifier 0.3nf / 16db+18db

- Vhf 2x13B2 Cushcraft V + 1x GaasFeet preamplifier 20db 0.4nf

- 10/15/20 3el.

- vertical 5/8 50Mhz

- 5el F9FT HomeModified 

- Vert. 5/8 for the 6m on the rear single of TH3

- 23cm 36el for 1200MHz

- DISH "quadra" 75cm for SAT [AO40] with Home Made 5.25Turn Helix  TV inside

- 10/80m 10m multiband vertical 12m over the ground

- Elevator 75-18 BigBoy Digital D digital tracker homemade via www.wlog2000.com

- Rotor PSTxx51 BigBoy Digital D digital tracker homemade via www.wlog2000.com


Large difficulties in order to mount all this over the roof of my personal house with oblique roof! In the last photo one looks at beyond my personal house also the surrounding mountains that obligate activity with obligatory elevation activity of antenna.




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