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~1970 - My first activity radio using SOMMERKAMP TS912G with Stefano  with which we have made the first long nocturnal chats QSO's and many home made constructions and "dx'spedition".

The first 2 channels were not enough... It is passed to 0.5w 6CH SOMMERKAMP TS727G with nil which I carry out my first DX Es on AM CH19 with Spain Raffael-Barcelona and QSL confirmed! First DX from emplacement /Mobile with local OM during ARRL 10m contest with TS788DX 100w 28/30 + SIGMA 1.60m and some qso's with Brasil them during the way house-school...Other models follow many that vary from mono to multiband.




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After some years of SWL relationships using fantastic ARGONAUT 509 10-80m 5w (my first HF), where it was enough to turn a coil in order to outside carry it band also of 2MHz, with a local amateur radio operator I carry out an exchange 1:1 with SOMMERKAMP TS288A (HI TATO!)

Since 1999 - My personal and HomeMade LogBook resulted from 30 years of radio and personal Ham activity

I accidentally receive complete line FR/FL500 and amplifier FL1000, for some test... with which I carry out various activities SWL and some Hard modifications in order to improve the performances of these optimal transceivers.


The interest radio increases remarkablly. With the first computers that overbearing give the (VIC20/ZX/C64...) are enter in my personal life are like Hobby that like professional activity. 

And first telefon mailbox BBS of the south of the switzerand with beyond 300 customers enrolled and COMPUTER MODEM CLUB with many hard soft production home activity.

Full digital activity with the first MAILBOX online on CANTON TICINO (First Swiss Computer Modem Club found on 1980) and all digital transmission with these transceiver and Linea kenwood like TS940S - TS711 - TS811 - FRG9600 - TS680 (with the 6m MagicBAND!!) KFT RTTY system, MT3000A, C64/AMIGA500/2000/1MB  RemovableDisk!!! and many other equipment...

All the system RADIO is connected to the computers. Here online on the shack sysop HB9OAB. On the right the first local HB9 DXCLUSTER and MAILBOX BBS like HB9OK-8/HB9OK-6 the first NORD<>SUD FlexNet of Switzerland  linked direction south with MILANO to IW2FPO and to Nord with HB9H.

Between the first images in Ticino in digital way them transfers SSTV AFSK FAX JPG<>JPG TCP for audio & video! New attic with me new one shack. On the right the sysop location of HB9OK-6/HB9OK-8 and flexnet comunity for HB9OK-10-11-12-13-14 switchBPQ personal LogBook created

During contest and the programming of WLOG2000, it puts into effect them greater activity of the group COMPUTER MODEM CLUB TICINO I propose the activity radio and computer science in Ticino. To the center the 3 x 7+2=23CDrom Nakamichi ONLINE on the ADSL web server for to link and change ISO CDimage at: http://hb9oab.zapto.org but only if computer and server here is online!!! Appreciate exchanges and demands for free upload or download on me Personal Web Server request info or send your CDlist to exchange!!!


Online now PRRS (Personal Remote Radio System) using FT480SAT and wire antenna at 1000msm via HomeMade remote software using WLOG2000 application via remote control ADSL5000 and INTERNET LAN/WAN switch

Used on the shack from the beginning of the activity FT250 - FT277 - FT288A - TENTEC AR509 - TS830M - TS940SAT - TS950SDX - TS711 - TS811 - TS790 - TS2000 - FT2000 - FT847 - IC706 - IC737 - FT480SAT - VX5 - MT3000A - 1KW HF - A2190HK 300w vhf / SSB TLA432 + YC1334 1KW EME UHf Home Made - PIV/3.6GHz 2GBram - 1600GB HD - AMIGA2000 68030 A2232-7serial Audio/video HiFy and full PC DV capture and DV IN/OUT IEE1394 - SCSII 2940 adaptec with 7xSCSII and full 2TB HD for video/audio capture and rendenring! and DVDr/rw DL8.5/25GB recording for the local activity!


Attenzione: ogni riferimento a date, immagini, luoghi, persone, materiali, apparecchiature o cose è puramente casuale e non reale, ivi pubblicato solo a titolo informativo anche con fotomontaggi ed invenzioni varie nonchè fotografie con materiale non proprio e posizionato allo scopo dimostrativo!