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1. Cheer Up (Mignola F.) 4:48
2. Tucano (Mignola F.) 4:37
3. Encantado (Mignola F.) 3:51
4. Your Smiling Eyes (Mignola F.) 4:55
5. Brazilian Breeze (Mignola F.) 4:06
6. Sweet Whim (Mignola F.) 4:39
7. Jacaranda (Mignola F.) 4:25
8. Silky Lips (Mignola F.) 5:17
9. Satin Vibe (Mignola F.) 3:45
10. Cool Move (Mignola F.) 5:51
11. Borboleta (Mignola F.) 4:37



ENCANTADO is a thoroughly amazing album by Fabio Mignola, full of wonderful surprises for your ears, heart & soul.
Fabio takes you to some amazing places with his fantastic guitar playing, the production of this brilliant album is of the highest standard.

It refreshing to hear such well constructed songs, that have you wanting to listen to this album time and time again.
With every listen you hear something new in each song, meaning this album 'Encantado' will be forever at the top of your music collection!

David Snashfold - Smooth Jazz Appreciation Society

‘Encantado’ translates to ‘charmed’ and the chances are that listeners will be exactly that with this mellifluous collection which again finds Fabio pulling the strings on eleven of his own sumptuous compositions for a musical journey that is very much on the Latin side.
Take for example ‘Brazilian Breeze’ for which the title tells you all you need to know about this beautiful lilting number and another Latin charmer comes in the form of ‘Jacaranda’ that is as sweet as the Mexican flower from which the song takes its name.  In similar vein is the beguiling ‘Satin Vibe’ and although both ‘Tucana’ and ‘Borboleta’ (butterfly) evoke the shimmering excitement of a Mardi Gras street party it is the easy grooving title cut that really steals the show.
Over the years Mignola’s guitar style has been favourably compared to the likes of Peter White and Acoustic Alchemy and it is White who comes very much to mind with the delightfully freewheeling ‘Cheer Up’.  It is the perfect way to get the album started and that same vibe is evident with ‘Sweet Whim’, which is the kind of tune that might get in your head and not go away.
Elsewhere the addition of muted trumpet (plus accordion from Mignola) takes the decidedly mellow ‘Silky Lips’ to another place and Fabio again matches guitar with trumpet to superb effect for the extremely pleasing ‘Cool Move’.   As he turns down the tempo for the reflective ‘Your Smiling Eyes’ it proves to be an understated gem of the kind that will charm you in the same way that this excellent CD has charmed me.
Denis Poole
Smooth Jazz Therapy

After almost a decade’s absence from the scene, guitarist/composer Fabio Mignola brings his exotic style of Mediterranean and Brazilian charm back to us with his latest offering Encantado, a project thick with the lure of Brazilian beauty with a smooth delivery that’s also laced with the equivalent of a good glass of Caipifruta.
Nothing here suggests a wild and crazy ride on a funk or R&B train, but true tropical music lovers will definitely identify with the easy and deliberate stroll of Encantado.
From the lively, appropriately-titled lead track “Cheer Up” to the slick and gentle title track to the melodic and romantic “Your Smiling Eyes” to “Brazilian Breeze” which invites you to feel that breeze to the jazzy and bright “Sweet Whim” to the catchy and easily adorable “Jacaranda” to another romantic goodie called “Silky Lips,” and beyond, Mignola paints an irresistible picture of the beauty of Brazilian music and everything resembling it.
With the help of convincing vocalists Sofia Vassere and Laura Pura and flautist Ezio Della Torre, Mignola bottled the refreshing air of Brazilian magic and uncorked it at the right moment here.
This marks the return of one artist who took quite the sabbatical but leaves it all on this record for those who dig the Brazilian temptation. I think he can be easily forgiven for making us wait. After all, fine wine has to be allowed to take all the time it needs to be all it can be. Such is the case with Mignola. Take a sip, and marvel at the texture.
Ronald Jackson - The Smooth Jazz Ride

Excepcional! y brillante el álbum "Encantado" de Fabio Mignola.
Fabio nos regala en su álbum unas delicias de muy alto nivel musical.
Pedro Carretero - Follow Me 87.6 FM      Show n. 136     Show n. 137     Show n. 139

The music of Fabio Mignola is a enjoyable collection of the best of the Latin Jazz music flavor.
Each song will captivate and entertain you with original songs like Tucano, Brazilian Breeze and Cheer up, just to name a few.
WKDMJAZZDETROITRADIO was honored to air such a talented and accomplished musician.
Fabio Mignola's music is now apart of the WKDMJAZZDETROITRADIO line up.
Mike Springer - WKDM Jazz Detroit Radio

Fabio Mignola's brilliant blending of Smooth Jazz and Latin vibes is something to behold.
Perfect for any time of the day.
Michael Fernandez - groove101

Swiss guitar with Brazilian flavors.

It’s been 6 years since I last heard from Swiss guitarist Fabio Mignola. Now he released a brand-new album with a rich blend of smooth jazz and Brazilian flavors & rhythms.
He wrote, engineered and produced every song. Fabio plays guitars, keyboards, accordion, did the programming, and sings.
Ezio Della Torre plays flute on 4 tracks.
‘Cheer Up’ opens in a cheerful, up-tempo mood, and is a feel good song.
‘Tucano’ opens with Spanish words and makes you feel like doing a Spanish dance.
The refrain on the title track is sung by Sofia Vassere and Laura Pura. Both of them also can be heard on other tracks.
‘Your Smiling Eyes’ is a romantic ballad, while ‘Brazilian Breeze’ makes you feel like walking on a beach in Rio (Ipanema or Copacabana).
After that comes ‘Sweet Whim’, a playful track, followed by the beautiful purple ‘Jacaranda’ tree.
‘Silky Lips’ are there to be kissed, and Fabio caresses them in this soft song.
‘Satin Vibe’ sways on the rhythm of a gentle bossa nova, while ‘Cool Move’ eases down.
The playful ‘Borboleta’ closes the album.
Refreshing smooth jazz and no fillers here!
4 stars
- Patrick Van de Wiele - SmoothJazz Europe

First warm up of the album is the uplifting Cheer Up. To put it bluntly, Fabio brings it directly to the point of happiness.
Tucano is the Italian name of a bird family. Fabio transforms it into a lively festival of joy.
Encantado is the Spanish word for enchanted. The Bossa Nova tune is underlined with a female chorus and a string orchestra in the style of Antonio Carlos Jobim which has also deeply influenced Italian pop music of the 60's.
The wavering Brazilian Breeze swings in a mellow Samba rhythm.
On Sweet Whim Fabio follows the melody route while the rhythm guitar sets modern smooth jazz accents. The only tune on which he strongly approaches Peter White's acoustic guitar style.
With Jacaranda he returns to the cheerful Italian music of the 60's. Silky Lips, Satin Vibe, Cool Move and Borboleta are further offerings of guitar oriented music...
Hans-Bernd Hülsmann - Smooth & Soul



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