FT2000 v1.46/11.50

4 days after the last firmware 1.45/11.50 PEP we already have  now the version 1.46/11.50


Luckily YAESU is careful to our communications. THANKS!







Correct the PC keying.

Corrected the TX power level indication.


Fw 1.46 / 11.50 it is surely the best version. TANKS YAESU!!!

There are no new BUGs, therefore could now be devoted us to the BUG and SUGGESTION released in the listet here on menu 4



$$$ NEWS COMING SOON after a few days of test $$$


New BUG on 1.46 11.50 ???!!!???
I test the new 1.46/11.50 on PSK via VOX and via rear DIN PTT!

1. select SSB
2. insert MIC frontal 8DIN
3. use REAR DATA PIN for to switch PTT ON/OFF
4. select MONI (mionitor) ON to AUX speaker
5. to lift the MONI volume to 50%

1. the DELAY work also for READ DATA PTT
2. the 20-5000ms is not displayed on SSB but WORK also for DATA/PTT on SSB from 20 to 5000ms delay with DATA/PTT
3. after PTT switching OFF now first switch to PTT MIC then OFF

==> THIS BUG AS RESULT ON A BIG LARSEN on the AUX speaker when it changes in PTT-OFF for the selected delay!!!!!!
The data/PTT befor switch OFF, it commutes on the microphone and open AUDIO to LARSEN on the MONI!!!
With VOX no problem! But by now the PTT is used



---cut test on all FT2000 here---

What I have done :

Plugged the microphone on the front mic connector
Set the transceiver to USB or LSB
Connected a DIN 5 pin connector on the packet rear connector with wired a switch
from pin 3 to pin 2 (PTT closure); this is the same as keying the rig with any
software which use RTS or DTR RS232 lines with an interface (ie optocoupler).
Pressed PTT on the microphone to go into Tx Mode
Adjusted Mic Gain for a normal voice modulation
Enabled Monitor function pressing MONI button
Adjusted Monitor level for a comfortable auto listening rotating MONI knob
Released the Microphone PTT to go back into Rx Mode.
Leaved the microphone on the desk near the rig (I'm not using an external
Now rotate the Delay Knob until VFO B display reads 5000 ms (or any big delay)
At this point, close the switch (wired to Packet PTT back connector) to put the
rig into Tx Mode.
The rig goes into TX mode (with the audio in fed from the Packet connector).
Now release the switch (ptt on packet connector).
The rig stays into Tx Mode for the amount of time defined by Delay knob (a
little bit strange because no VOX was activated ).
Now the Packet PTT line in is no more closed and, due to that, the audio from
the mic front connector is no more muted !
If the audio monitor is loud and mic gain level is high, what happens is that I
have an audio feedback (from the loudspeaker to the microphone), often called
here in Italy "Larsen effect" (and you can ear that the mic is connected and not
After the delay time the rig go back into Rx Mode.
All back to normal

For what I have understood :

When the rig is keyed into Tx mode from the PTT lines from Packet connector, the
audio Mic is correctly muted (as stated in the user guide).
If there is a delay (delay knob rotated clockwise) the rig remain keyed into Tx.
During the delay time (before returning into rx) the Mic is NOT muted (and if
MONI is on you may have the audio feedback problem).

If I switch the rig into any "non voice" mode (for example PKT) then the audio
from Mic front connector is always muted and so no audio feedback can arise also
if using the ptt lines on the packet connector.

I never used the Packet hardware PTT line (pin 3 and pin 2 on packet back din
connector) for my digital modes activity (always used CAT commands) so I never
saw this behaviour before.

The user guide says :
Delay Knob : The outer (delay) knob sets the hang time of the VOX circuit for
voice operation and keying delay for CW operation.

I understand that if I'm not using vox or cw, then delay knob should not work,
isn't it ? Am I wrong ?
Instead, this delay seems to work also when the rig is keyed using the PTT line
on packet connector for any mode (us, lsb, pkt, cw).